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Builterra's digital pathways streamline and optimize workflows for civil engineers, enabling efficient project management, standardization, accurate cost estimating, mobile data collection and seamless communication across teams.

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Civil engineers managing construction projects were grappling with the inefficiencies of using disconnected, file-based solutions to transfer data and information between various business units. This fragmented approach hindered the smooth flow of communication and collaboration, leading to delays and errors in project management.

The disconnected process not only resulted in lost productivity but also posed a significant risk to the timely delivery of construction projects. With critical information scattered across different platforms and systems, project teams struggled to maintain synchronization, leading to potential bottlenecks and miscommunication.


Builterra's digital pathways emerged as a transformative solution to address these challenges. By seamlessly connecting the disjointed processes, Builterra provided a unified platform for data exchange and collaboration, empowering civil engineers to streamline project management workflows and enhance efficiency.

The adoption of a BIM-inspired central database leveraging Microsoft Azure further revolutionized the construction industry. This centralized repository served as a comprehensive tool for storing and accessing all project-related data, from pre-construction planning to post-construction evaluation. Standardizing processes such as data collection, reporting, and progress tracking enabled seamless coordination across various business units, significantly reducing the risk of errors and omissions while optimizing project outcomes.

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Get real-time, realistic cost estimates

Perform quantity take-offs and get real-time cost estimates directly from within CAD or the Bid Preparation portal based on your historic pricing.


Automate bid preparation & analysis

Prepare a bid package using standardized item catalogs complete with specifications and documents. Analyze and compare submitted bids in seconds.


Save hours on inspections & reports

Connect directly to the bid and capture construction progress, photos and more with the Builterra app, all geo-located. Compile daily reports in minutes.


Expedite your contractor payment approvals

View a progress dashboard based on real-time inspected data. Generate accurate monthly payment certificates in minutes, minimizing disputes..


A cross-platform compatible solution for smart owners and engineers.

A growing number of field inspectors, project managers, engineers, contractors and owners from private and public sector firms trust Builterra to help them deliver infrastructure projects large and small, on time and on budget

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