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Builterra connects your entire contract administration team through one seamless platform that boosts productivity, transparency and profit.

Contract administration can be so much better.
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Civil engineering veterans Jeff and Chris met back in 2009. During their many tech discussions, they recognized a shared industry challenge: A contract administration process stuck in the past. With existing solutions only scratching the surface, they saw an opportunity to transform the entire process, from the ground up.


Today, their BIM-inspired Builterra platform is bridging the gap in data flow from conceptual design to as-constructed data ready for GIS through an integrated Web portal and mobile app.This new digital pathway standardizes, streamlines and connects the entire contract administration workflow including cost estimating, bid preparation, field inspection and progress payment reporting.

Save time. Save money. Save your sanity.


Get real-time, realistic cost estimates

Perform quantity take-offs and get real-time cost estimates directly from within CAD or the Bid Preparation portal based on your historic pricing.


Automate bid preparation & analysis

Prepare a bid package using standardized item catalogs complete with specifications and documents. Analyze and compare submitted bids in seconds.


Save hours on inspections & reports

Connect directly to the bid and capture construction progress, photos and more with the Builterra app, all geo-located. Compile daily reports in minutes.


Expedite your contractor payment approvals

View a progress dashboard based on real-time inspected data. Generate accurate monthly payment certificates in minutes, minimizing disputes..


A cross-platform compatible solution for smart owners and engineers.

A growing number of field inspectors, project managers, engineers, contractors and owners from private and public sector firms trust Builterra to help them deliver infrastructure projects large and small, on time and on budget

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