Spend less time on paperwork and more time in the field

Builterra makes your job easier and your boss happier.


It's about time.

You’ve spent all day on-site taking photos and scribbling notes. Before you can clock out, you have to compile it all into a report that makes sense. With the Builterra app, there’s no more transcribing field notes or sorting through spreadsheets. Capture all inspection data, from photos with mark-ups to sketches and more, on your Android or iOS device—all geo-located. Get direct access to awarded bid items with real-time quantity updates in the field. Imagine leaving on time.


Make no mistake about it.

It’s easy to forget the details when you’re compiling data from multiple sources at the end of a long day. The Builterra app makes it easy to capture & consolidate your data for accurate inspections. Contract administrators can easily create standardized daily reports by adding sections such as labour, equipment, materials, visitors, photos, etc. These sections are completely configurable to your project needs. Even local weather is automatically added to reports. Stop second guessing.


Location, location, location

“Where was that photo taken?” And forget about locating the closest road alignment station. Builterra is the only mobile app that uses geo-location to capture alignment name, station and offset from uploaded AutoCAD Civil3D alignments. All geo-tagged photos can be viewed using the Photo Map, allowing users to zoom in on a world map. Inspection data can be imported into AutoCAD directly and viewed in the design model using software like Autodesk Navisworks. Data where you need it.

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All together now.

Project coordinators used to spend hours compiling and vetting reports from multiple field inspectors. Until Builterra. Now all field inspectors automatically contribute to a single, daily report. Once daily reports are finished and signed-off internally, they can be sent to contractors for approval. A progress dashboard is then displayed in real-time with inspected values, accessible to contract administrators through the Web portal. Create reports based on real progress.

It’s time for a field inspection revolution.

Are you in?