A Comprehensive Summary to Design QTO, Cost Estimating, and Bid Preparation w/ Builterra

Unlocking Efficiency in Construction with Builterra! Discover how Builterra revolutionizes design quantity takeoffs (QTO), cost estimating, and bid preparation. From seamless QTO extraction to precise cost projections, Builterra empowers cities, municipalities, and consultants to streamline processes and achieve greater efficiency. With features like bid comparisons and VIM integration, Builterra ensures accurate cost projections and seamless collaboration for project success.

Revolutionizing Public Infrastructure, Design-Build, and Land Development w/Builterra

Explore how Builterra is transforming the construction industry with cutting-edge solutions. From efficient collaboration in public infrastructure to streamlining design-build processes and enhancing land development workflows, Builterra is at the forefront of change. Discover the power of real-time data for informed decision-making, digital documentation, and seamless integration with other tools. Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of construction and civil engineering with Builterra's unified cloud-based platform.

Aboveground & Below: T2 Utility Engineers Delivers Value Added Services to Georgia DoT using Innovative Cloud based Platform

In T2’s Atlanta office, the availability of the customizable, automated data flow procedures, and of geolocation in particular, created an opportunity to work for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in an entirely new capacity, expanding subcontracted services in a way that amounts to a new business within T2’s existing business model.

Case Example: Level A Test Hole Utility Investigations

One of the advantages with working with the partners at Builterra is their extensive domain experience in the civil and utility infrastructure space.  The creation of the Builterra platform was not limited to simple data collection and display in a map.  Builterra is a “data-driven” platform that can be used for custom reporting, meta-data analysis and Autodesk AutoCAD drafting automation.

Aboveground & Below: T2 Utility Engineers Does It All with a Geospatially-Oriented Construction Management Platform

T2 Utility Engineers absolutely dominates an interesting North American subsurface utility engineering niche. T2 is “a multi-disciplinary company that focuses on above and below ground utility aspects of any project, from small development jobs to large-scale, billion dollar infrastructure projects.” This devotion to excellence in a construction specialty that many firms consider more of an irritating necessity than a profit center has been highly successful for T2

Using Builterra for Geotechnical Soil Investigation projects

The Builterra platform addresses key workflows in every civil engineering firm or government design and construction department. We bridge the technology gap between design and as-constructed asset management systems used by government. This gap can encompass up to four working groups at any private civil engineering office or public design & construction group.

Builterra Used In CIPP Project Management

The City of Toronto Watermain Rehabilitation Program has been delivering Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Watermain Structural Lining and Cathodic Protection of existing watermains for several years. In 2015, Builterra was successfully configured and delivered to the local Greater Toronto Area (GTA) consulting engineering community as a better method of delivering contract administration services to the City.


What is the Actual Return on Investment for Builterra?

Over the last year, we have been selling Builterra into both public and private Civil engineering groups throughout Canada and the USA. No matter the region or group involved, the Return on Investment (ROI) involves several groups of people all working on the same projects.


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