Centralize the Entire Bidding Process for Less Headaches

Builterra simplifies project bidding for you and your contractors


Bring order to chaos

Wouldn't it be nice to have a master list of items that's flexible enough for any project? With Builterra, you can standardize all unique items with flexible pay item properties for complete control of what gets added to the tender bid sheet. Item codes, descriptions and enhanced properties are consistent every time no matter who prepared the bid. Attach written specifications or external PDFs to catalog sections, or items, so critical documents are always packaged with each bid. Standardize to save time and money.


Easy does it

When it's time to develop a schedule of unit prices for a bid, you're cutting and pasting from dozens of past project bids using Excel and Word. There's a better way. Builterra offers the quickest method to develop a standardized schedule of unit prices from the standardized catalog, imported from Excel, CSV or directly from within CAD. And the best part? The resulting bid spreadsheet looks the same, no matter who's putting it together. Learn to enjoy bid prep.


Pull it together

It can take a long time to source all the documents you need for a comprehensive bid package. With Builterra, you can generate a standardized bid package in minutes, complete with a customizable Excel spreadsheet. Add design drawings, reports and other information. Contractors simply add their unit prices to a familiar spreadsheet and submit it through the system. Everything at your fingertips.


Analyze this

Does your head hurt from sorting through dozens of bids--line item by line item, to find the most cost-effective contractor? With Builterra, bid comparison is instant and seamless. Compare contractor bids by section, item and against cost estimates with a color-coded chart that breaks it all down. No more cutting and pasting into a master Excel doc. And every bid item unit price you receive means your historical pricing database gets bigger and better for future cost estimating. Compare apples to apples.

Ready to Take control of the bidding process?