“The Builterra Platform has provided a great way to add all of our reporting needs to a single platform. Our utility engineering field inspection was one thing we needed, but we also needed a way to record truck time activity, health and safety notes and other mandated reporting that was outside the needs of the project work.”

– Susan Port, Digital Innovation Manager, T2 Utility Engineers

Top Clients in This Industry

Brief Summary

Extending the Builterra platform into NON-Engineering type data collection was something our subscribers brought to us. Since we are already using Builterra for complex data collection for engineering and construction reporting, why not include some of the business forms we also need to complete.


Health and Safety reporting is a common request among our subscribers since that all require the same Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) reporting, Tailgate Meetings for Visitors and Health and Safety Plan (HASP) documentation on a regular basis.

Expansion of the General Mobile Data Collection for Project Time Tracking for both people and equipment was another common need for those looking to streamline accounting and financial data collection that is traditionally done with paper based methods or at the end of week crunch.

Use of the product in non-Infrastructure markets like AEC project inspection and reporting could also be considered a generic use of the Builterra General Mobile Data Collection platform for any firm looking to stop using multiple apps and solutions between operating divisions of the same company or organization.

Digital Workflow


Case Example

Any subscriber looking to collect NON-Engineering data for organizational reporting 

Field staff looking to use one app for all data collection 

Project Managers looking to streamline and standardize reprting for all staff

Accounting Managers looking to capture staff and equipment time using digital methods 


Top Features used in this Industry

Configurable Data Collection

Using the Inspection Form configuration system on the web portal, administrators can configure ANY data collection details

Mobile form details can be grouped by Page or Table

Looping Data Tables or Sub-Forms allow the user to add notes and data throughout the day for real-time reporting


Customized Reporting and Meta Reporting

Reports that look like paper based systems can be customized for the client to ensure look and feel are maintained

Custom Meta Data Reporting means we can query data collected and generate automatic bespoke reports that are normally done manually by project managers

Summary Reports from any of the data collected means standardizing the data collection to streamline any complex reporting


Integration with Others

Accounting Integration can be done via custom data export (file based)

Or complete integration using Builterra API will provide us with direct methods to populate accounting systems with data collected

Integration Builterra

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