Get complete project transparency with zero arguments

Builterra expedites accurate payments based on real progress.


See what’s really going on.

Every week, you have to review reports from (and sometimes speak to) multiple field inspectors just to get a handle on where things are. Builterra gives you instant insight into project progress and burn rate based on actual inspected values, imported directly from the awarded bid. Immediately see progress on each item and easily drill into inspections for a clear picture. Address issues before they become problems. Stop the back and forth.


Do it right the first time.

How many office staff does it take to clean up field reports for your contract administrators? The answer should be, ‘none’. With Builterra, mobile field inspection material quantities inspected are based on the actual schedule of unit prices from the original bid. These standardized reports automatically populate the progress report, avoiding errors that result from transcribing notes or copying and pasting from Excel. Eliminate unnecessary expense.


Trust the process.

You’re getting calls from contractors demanding payment. But your team still hasn’t issued a progress certificate because of missing or inaccurate reports. With Builterra, you get instant access to completed inspections and progress certificates. Export progress certificates to Excel for client review and payment. Contractors get paid quickly and owners have confidence in an accurate approval process. Make peace for prosperity.

Make real progress

Minimize contractor disputes.