"I really liked how the software incorporated everything into one. The portion that allows Contract Administrators to post pictures, documents, etc., while on site was very impressive. I also really liked how easy it was to create tender documents.”

– Matthew Madden, WSP Canada, Infrastructure

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Brief Summary

Builterra was originally built as a Construction Contract Administration solution for Civil Engineers doing Municipal and Private Land Development Construction Management on behalf of the Owner. The digital workflow from CAD Design quantity takeoff all the way to final Progress Payment Certification is the core feature functionality of the platform.


For Public Sector Owners, the standardization of Bid Items and Unit Cost data is something we wanted to deliver as a basis for many other integrated workflows. Having the ability to connect specifications and details to bid items, external contract docs and reports makes the bid preparation workflow easy for project designers and coordinators looking to generate accurate cost estimates and ultimately bid the project out to contractors.

Our cost estimating strategy is not unlike GIS or BIM concepts leveraging configurable item attributes and project attributes. Estimating the item based on historic Item Code and Description is just not enough for the owner engineers. With the prevalence of model based design we can add actual design attributes to more accurately estimate costs using the variation in object characteristics. Teaming this up with Project attributes means we can base cost on non-item parameters like where the project is, who is building it and any other attribute that changes cost of the same item.

Connecting with eProcurement or using Excel as a the method of bid release and analysis means we can scrape data from contractors on every project, every bid. Building the actual costs as an owner engineer means more accurate budget forecasting for next years projects.

Integration of the awarded bid with the mobile inspection system is where Builterra really performs. Field staff can connect directly to the bid sections and items, add quantities built and any other daily diary data required for reporting. Daily reports can be approved and emailed to the contractor for quantity review.

Finally, generating the real-time progress payment details at month end is completely integrated and automatic. Change management, holdbacks, releases and so much more are available for the project manager or contract administration manager looking to streamline this entire stage of the project.

Digital Workflow

CREATE A PROJECT• Geolocate the Project• Add General Details• Add Custom Project Attributes used specifically for cost Estimating• Add Project Users and Access ControlBID PREPARATION• Standard Bid Items with Cost Estimate from Historic Cost database• Attached Specifications and Standard Details• Add Bid Documents like PDF Drawings, Technical Reports and ContractsAWARDED BID• Import Awarded Bid Tab Data from Bidders using Excel or eProcurement processes• Compare Bidder Pricing and generate a comparison Excel• Award the Bid for Mobile InspectionMOBILE INSPECTION• Daily Diary Inspection with Photos and Markups• Configurable Data Collection Sub-Tables• Direct Connection to Awarded Bid Table Items• Export Inspection Reports to Word, Excel and PDFPROGRESS PAYMENT• Real-time Progress Dashboard from Daily Inspection• Detailed Payment Applications and Details• Export to Pay App to Excel

Use Case Examples

Public sector municipalities (Town, City, County, Region) doing Sewer, Water, Road Construction and Bridge projects

Design Build projects that combine the Contractor, Owner and Consulting teams to deliver Transportation and Transit Infrastructure projects

Land Development Engineers doing construction management for Private Land Developers 


Top Features used in this Industry

Bidding Solution

Standardizing your bid preperation using central bid item catalogs allow for consistent project bid table items with attached specifications and details. 

Pre-configured bid item section group and table templates makes it easy for you to set up bids for new projects. 

Real-time cost estimating using previously submitted bid data from contractors.


Mobile Daily Progress Inspection

  • Geolocated photos, inspection entries
  • PDF markups are all used to populate the daily inspection record.
  • Google Map Markups can be added to the Photo Report
  • Direct connection to the awarded bid table items
  • Real-time access to contract quantity and inspected quantities to-date
  • Item Quantity in the Daily Progress Report are used in the progress payment report
  • Configurable data collection
  • Form and Sub-Table Options
  • Any inspection type possible

Progress Payment Reporting

Automate the inspection quantity approval process to remove the need to individually send out documents for review. 

Real-time progress dashboard based on inspected quantities and awarded bid item pricing generate the contract financials directly from the field

Detailed progress payment reports, change orders, hold backs and releases replace Excel as the tool to get consistent month end reporting on project progress


Standardize, Centralize and Streamline your Construction Data

From Design Cost Estimating to As Constructed Asset Management