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Season's Greetings Builterra members,

Welcome to the December 2023 edition of the Builterra newsletter, where we're spreading festive cheer along with exciting updates. As we celebrate this joyful season, unwrap our latest gifts, including new web portal interface and Builterra Pro mobile app. If you have not downloaded Builterra Pro yet, we recommend you do. If you have any issues getting started, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team! In the spirit of giving, we're thrilled to share these advancements designed to elevate your contract management experience. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday break! Let's embark on this exciting journey together into the new year!

Technical Conferences

Transportation Research Board (TRB) 2023:

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC, for the 103rd Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, January 7–11, 2024. TRB attracts thousands of transportation professionals from around the world. The program covers all transportation modes, with sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. We will be located at booth# 425. Hope to see you there!

Aziz Conference Photo

Upcoming Webinar Sessions

Webinar sessions have been postponed until early 2024 with date and time yet TBD. Keep an eye out on future editions of this newsletter for more information.

Live Webinar Sessions

We understand that your schedules can get quite hectic, and you might have missed our earlier live sessions. Feel free to access the links below to catch up on the sessions you missed or use them for a quick review of the valuable information shared:

Builterra Updates 2023: Click Here!

Civil 3D - Design Connect: Click Here!

New Builterra Pro Mobile App: Click Here!

Subsurface Utility Engineering: Click Here!

Builterra University 2024

As we continue our journey to provide you with impactful insights and exciting learning opportunities, we're exploring the idea of hosting an engaging full-day event in mid-February 2024 (located in the GTA). This event will feature inspiring client success stories, Builterra platform workflows and tips. Additionally, attendees will have an exclusive preview of the upcoming implementations and developments slated for 2024. Beyond the exciting content, this event will provide an excellent platform for networking and a chance to meet the Builterra team.

Click on the link to let us know whether you would be interested in joining us for this exceptional session: Click Here!

Web Platform Updates

Old Web Portal UI Phased Out Q1 2024:

As part of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and an enhanced user experience, we are excited to announce the retirement of Builterra's original Web Portal user interface scheduled for Q1 2024. As you may already know, we've officially switched to the latest and greatest portals for both projects and inspections. All feedback from our amazing Builterra members are welcomed!  

Ad-Hoc Pay Item Tracking:

We're thrilled to introduce our new Ad-Hoc Report Object for Contract Items! Builterra members can easily set up automated reports and alerts to track inspected contract item quantities throughout the project life-cycle. Stay on top of your game and never miss a beat with our user-friendly solution.

Full Project Template:

If you need to make mass edits to project details, then this update is for you! Using Builterra's full project template, our users can now adjust project details across all projects using our CSV export/import options. Take advantage of this feature to streamline your project management efforts!

Project Analytics Dashboard:

Keep track of your projects at a glance! We've accomplished a great deal of enhancements to our analytics dashboard system. Our latest update is available currently using our Project Landing Page, as shown below:

Project Theming:

We're thrilled to announce a dynamic feature that empowers users to set their preferred project themes locally without the need for an account-wide update. At Builterra, we understand the importance of personalization, and this enhancement is designed to offer you a more tailored and flexible experience.

Tender Analysis:

Prior to submitting your tender for review, make sure to click on our newly implemented Tender Analysis button! This option will let you know if you have tables with missing quantities, units, long descriptions and much more. If you require help with this feature, reach out to your friendly support member at Support@Builterra.com

Did You Know?

AutoCAD Extensions Supported:

We're excited to announce our latest capability of allowing AutoCAD files to be opened in our Document Repository. Users can now access AutoCAD files directly within our platform, allowing you to host all your files in one, centralized location. This includes, but not limited to the following formats; DWG, DWS, DWT, DXB, DXF, etc. Furthermore, you can share or send these files through the appropriate workflows. Try it out for yourself and see how it can benefit your construction administration workflows. For more information, reach out to Support@Builterra.com!

Tender Spec Editing:

Our latest Tender implementation allows users to edit specification local to the project and tender. With this feature, you can avoid global specification edits, and only update the specification where needed, depending on project variables. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Support@Builterra.com


Change Order Workflow:

Builterra is excited to introduce our newly implemented Change Order workflows, designed to enhance project efficiency and streamline the change management process. With our platform, you can now set up project-based Change Order workflows, allowing for a seamless transition from change identification to approval and implementation. Our intuitive interface enables you to easily manage and track Change Orders, ensuring clear communication and accountability among project stakeholders. Additionally, we have added a new feature that allows you to request a quote on Change Order items directly from contractors, providing greater transparency and cost control. For guidance on this topic, reach out to Support@Builterra.com

Cost Sharing:

Builterra's cost sharing capabilities are mostly unnoticed by majority of our users. Our cost sharing system allows for greater flexibility and control over project finances. With the ability to set up responsible accounts for payment of specific tendered line items, project managers can more easily track and manage project costs. This feature is particularly useful for larger projects where multiple stakeholders are involved, as it ensures that each party is responsible for their respective costs. If you want help setting up your cost sharing accounts or have any questions or concerns, kindly reach out to your friendly Builterra support representative via Support@Builterra.com.

Workflow Portal:

Perhaps the most powerful yet underrated and underutilized aspect of Builterra is our Workflow Portal. The workflow portal allows users to ask other individuals for approvals in our new and updated portal style. The approver can also add comments to their answer of accepting or rejecting an approval. To utilize the portal, you will now need to add requestees to the workflow item; these are the individuals you need approval from to continue the items' progression. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly reach out to your friendly Builterra support representative via Support@Builterra.com

Mobile App Updates

Builterra Pro Updates:

We greatly appreciate your invaluable feedback, which has driven enhancements to various features and settings within the Builterra Pro mobile app, all aimed at significantly elevating your user experience!

If you have any feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to support@builterra.com
If you wish to report a bug, kindly use the button below to access the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Sub-Folders: "How do I create a project within a specific sub-folder?"

If you find yourself struggling to figure out how to create projects and place them within a specific sub-folder, read on to find the simple solution to your dilemma. First, start by locating the Project Portal. You can find it on your log-in screen, if previously set as a favorite, or from the main menu by hover over 'Portal', then 'Project', and clicking on 'New Project.' From there, locate the drop down menus titled "Major Group" and "Minor Group." Sub-folder structure can be setup by an individual with the appropriate permission levels. Look out for a future update allowing you to rename this sub-folder structure!

Password Reset: "How can I reset my password?"
With all the passwords we create, forgetting one is commonplace and bound to happen. If you need help resetting your password, the following videos will do the trick, depending on your permission level. You can also avoid creating a new password by logging in with your Microsoft account (video link below):

  1. Resetting password as an Account Admin
  2. Resetting password as a Builterra User
  3. Connecting Microsoft Account

Security Alert

2FA - Two-Factor Authentication Enforcement:

As an added measure of security, we've recently implemented a 2FA(Two-Factor Authentication)! This security measure is currently optional but will be enforced in late 2023. More details on the exact date will be provided in the next few months. If you haven't done so already, enable this feature right from within your Manage Profile section, as shown below. There are two options for this measure; an email or text with 1 time code. In order to set up the text option, your phone number must be added to your profile page. Keep in mind, this feature does not affect users using their Microsoft Login for logging into Builterra. For more information, reach out to Support@Builterra.com!

Phishing is an attempt by cybercriminals posing as legitimate institutions, usually via email, "Smishing" (a.k.a. phishing texting), and "Vishing" (a.k.a. phishing phone calls) to obtain sensitive information from targeted individuals. In other words, you receive an email which claims to be from Builterra asking you to reset your password. This is an example of a 'phishing attack.' Keep in mind, we will never ask you for your account password over email or phone. If you do receive such emails asking for sensitive account information, it is not from us, so do not respond, and contact our support team to let us know. Be on the lookout and stay safe! 

We Want To Hear From You!

Client Success:

We consider our clients' success as our top priority. In order to better serve you, your feedback is crucial in our development and quality control. Furthermore, most of our implemented features have come by way of our amazing clients. With that said, we love hearing your feature recommendations! If you have any features in mind, please reach out to our support staff at 1-833-289-8600 ext.1 or by e-mail at support@builterra.com 

Need Support?

For technical support, please email support@builterra.com for any questions or to organize training from Builterra Technical Support.

We highly recommend you watch the Builterra Introductory video to learn more about what the platform can do for you. Feel free to skip to the part that applies to your job role. 

You can also benefit greatly from Builterra's Training Modules. Check out the videos therein for more information.

We’re always updating the Builterra app based on feedback from users like you. Make sure you update your app often for the latest and greatest. 

Welcome to your new and improved job, 
-The Builterra Support Team


Jeff Lyons

With over 20 years of experience in the municipal and land development sector, Jeff Lyons is dedicated to creating innovative civil engineering software solutions. As a founding partner and Director of Platform Innovation at Builterra, Jeff is a sought-after instructor and guest speaker who regularly engages with clients and associations to share insights that drive the industry forward. Jeff received his diploma in mining engineering technology from the Haileybury School of Mines (Northern College), and his diploma in geological technology (geophysics) from Sir Sandford Fleming College.


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