Builterra Newsletter Email Header_July2023

Newsletter: 07/2023

 Don't forget to register for our upcoming live webinar sessions; linked below. Read on to learn more. Let's build better together!

Builterra Newsletter Email Header_June2023

Newsletter: 06/2023

Construction season is like the summer blockbuster of the building world—full of action, drama, and a few unexpected plot twists! At Builterra, we believe in empowering construction professionals with innovative solutions to increase project success rate. Read on to uncover the latest updates and improvements that will elevate your construction projects to new heights!

Builterra Monthly Newsletter Heading May 2023

Newsletter: 05/2023

Did you know that effective contract administration can reduce project risks by 30%? At Builterra, we're dedicated to empowering civil engineering and construction professionals with innovative solutions. Stay tuned to learn more about how these updates can elevate your contract administration and project management processes!

Builterra Monthly Newsletter Heading April 2023

Newsletter: 04/2023

As the spring season blooms, so do new updates and features on Builterra's platform! Did you know that project management software can reduce the likelihood of cost overruns by up to 75%? That could potentially be the difference between taking profit or barely breaking even! Read on to learn more.

Newsletter Heading March 2023

Newsletter: 03/2023

At Builterra, we understand the importance of having the right tools to succeed in the construction administration industry, and we're committed to providing our users with the best software platform possible. Keep reading this newsletter to discover the latest updates and enhancements we've made to our platform, designed to help you optimize your construction administration workflows and achieve your goals.

Newsletter Monthly Title_February2023

Newsletter: 02/2023

This issue of the newsletter brings you exciting news regarding our commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform with additional feature implementations. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting updates! 

January 2023 heading

Newsletter: 01/2023

With the increasing need for online safety, we are proud to announce that we will be updating our security protocol to enforce 2-factor authentication (2FA) by spring 2023. This change will provide an extra layer of security for our users and give peace of mind knowing that your information is protected. You can also begin trying out our latest and greatest project-based user interface. Read on to learn more about this exciting update!

Builterra Monthly Newsletter_December 2022

Newsletter: 12/2022

Happy New Year! We hope that the start of this new year brings you joy, prosperity, and all the success that you have been striving for. As we embark on this new journey together, we are excited to continue providing you with the best possible construction contract admin solutions and support. Below you'll find our most recent updates from December of 2022. Keep an eye out for our new tools and implementations! 

Builterra Newsletter Email Header_November2022

Newsletter: 11/2022

November brings us the bleak and overcast days, though admittedly, it's always a pretty day when you're inside with plenty of hot coffee or tea. It's perhaps a good time to get a head start on all your Christmas decorations as well. In the meantime, we're continuously working on improving and updating Builterra to better serve your project workflows. This month's edition of Builterra User Newsletter is a jam-packed edition; check it out!

Builterra Newsletter Email Header_October2022

Newsletter: 10/2022

October is an amazing time of the year for many reasons. In addition to the beautiful colours of fall, it’s also time for Halloween! Trick-or-treating gives kids an opportunity to do something that they truly love: collecting lots of candy. At Builterra, we love Halloween candy as well. Find out more by reading on!


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