What is the Actual Return on Investment for Builterra?

Over the last year, we have been selling Builterra into both public and private Civil engineering groups throughout Canada and the USA. No matter the region or group involved, the Return on Investment (ROI) involves several groups of people all working on the same projects.


The Builterra Platform: A Civil Engineering Eco-System Realized

The launch of the Builterra product brand name truly reflects the original vision that our database framework could encompass not only construction contract administration but any data collection workflow within the civil engineering firm. The initial solution was to look at ways of making data collection easy for field staff using mobile phones, then provide a simple project portal for editing data, generating reports and allowing view access to others. The construction contract administration (CA) workflow needed this kind of digital innovation. For years the world of CAD Design, Survey and GIS got all the digital love within the civil engineering practice. With movement towards BIM, Smart Cities, Mobile LiDAR and Drone technology, they continue to bask in the limelight of technology innovation and investment.


In keeping with the BIM concepts and guidelines that outline “Level” requirements for real value in BIM construction management and integrated project delivery, we need a similar terminology for our industry and technology niche in the infrastructure project delivery world.

Here at Builterra, we create a lot of standard catalogs and bid templates for every kind of client. We see a lot of variation in standards. From very standardized text-based lists like a State DOT, to weird and wonderful excel files from contractors, to “PDF Bid Tabs from the last 4 jobs we did”, we get to help organize this so our clients can start day 1 with bid preparation.

This is our internal method of classifying a list of bid items, so we can deliver consistently for every client.



Over the last year we have been doing many onsite meetings showing how our Builterra cloud and mobile platform manages the data workflow from design take-offs to progress payment reporting. Part of the process involves the creation of a standardized Bid Item Catalog to streamline bid table preparation and cost estimating.


Infrastructure Project Owners Pay Contractors Faster with Builterra

Oshawa, Ontario, CANADA — December 12, 2018 — Builterra (owned by AEC Solutions, Inc.), a civil engineering software provider, is pleased to announce that its contract administration platform has now been adopted by forward-thinking Ontario municipalities including City of Kitchener, City of Vaughan, Region of Waterloo and six others who have begun pilot projects. Furthermore, global and local civil engineering firms GHD, AECOM, WSP, The Municipal Infrastructure Group (TMIG), CIMA+ and R.V.


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